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Enables difficult thoughts and feelings to be explored safely.

Allows and appreciate different

Builds on strengths and help bring about positive changes.

Families are complex. Each is unique, with its own conscious and unconscious customs. A family is a constellation of different mindsets and feelings, worries and stresses. Changes to individuals or to the parental or care-giving couple in a family affects the others. Illness, trauma, moving school or house, bereavement, birth, separations or work conflicts will all bring stress into the family.

A family today is much more eclectic than forty years ago, when divorce and separation were less usual and marriage was the accepted norm. Whether biologically related or related as a 'step', or as a close friend or carer, family therapy aims to include all members that are important to each family.

I work alongside Sara Clee, a BACP accredited psychodynamic counsellor, trained in working with children and adolescents. To learn more about Sara Click Here

We find it productive to work together with families. This can be in a combination of ways which best meet the needs of that particular family, there is no one size fits all and how we formulate it is thought about with you. For instance both of us might have sessions alongside the family as a whole, or one might work primarily with a young person on a weekly basis while the other works with the anxieties of the adults on monthly basis.

Family therapy seeks to enable a safer thinking space that adapts to the differing ages and needs in order to help understand each other's experiences and viewpoints and gain better appreciation for everyone's different strengths in order to work towards making useful changes in their lives and relationships.


Initial Consultation £85

Weekly On-Going or Time Limited 50 Min Family Sessions £85


"We cannot see what we cannot bear to see." John Bowlby